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'김예림'에 해당되는 글 1건
2015.03.19 15:05

About Lim Kim (김예림)

Lim Kim is a South Korean singer under "Mystic89"

And member of the band Togaeworl(투개월) with Do Dae-yoon(도대윤). 

She competed in the Superstar K3 which is singing competition as a member of Togeworl.

Placed third.

"Togaeworl" (투개월) means

 We have met 2 month before competition + 'Together'

It may sounds  weird but, it make sense in korean. LOL

Lets c her features


 - Lower voice tone.

 - Cute face.

 - Her Producer Yoon Jong-shin.

 - Post Park Ji-yoon(박지윤) who was sexy icon in korea

Her voice tone is not same as ordinary low tone singer.

It sounds like a big candy is in her mouth. wo--woowo---w

She was born in 1994, so still young girl but her tone and mood makes her image as grown up woman.

Lets introduce her Popular songs.

1. Good bye 20

2. all right

Her producer named 'Yoon jong-shin" is best producer in korea.

He made so much popular albums and still works.

I thought that Her talent is more upgraded by his producing.

Her sexy point is Sticky Voice and he melt her point in a song.

In my position, It sound like Park Ji-yoon who was best singer in korea.

Lets c her M/Vs

 - Steal away

aren't they similar??

If you have insterest in Jiyoon Park

find in youtube.

Have fun guys

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